Those who already know the sports betting market may have already come across 1xBet. This house has been growing quite a lot over the last few years in the betting market.

For those who are starting out, this is a great home betting option. And if that’s your case, be sure to check out the full 1xBet review we have prepared for you!

As you are already bald to know, the Betting Club is constantly analyzing and evaluating the leading bookmakers available around the world. In the recent period, you began to see that we are now also talking about 1xBet.

How to bet on 1xBet?

This will make it easier for you to have a comparative basis and create your own 1xBet appraisal. The criteria will, after all, be the same as the ones we use for the other houses. Are they:

  • Navigation
  • Interface
  • Bonus and promotions
  • Payment methods
  • Sports Coverage
  • Markets Offered
  • Odds (quotes)
  • Customer support
  • Ready for the review of 1xBet? So let’s go!

How to bet on 1xBet?

1xBet is a bookmaker that has been growing a lot in the sports betting market. And, if you’re one of those soccer fanatics, you’ve probably seen your logo, after all, it’s one of the sponsors of the 2018 B Series. Some advertising signs can already be seen with the brand, besides that advertisement next to the goals . Proof of interest in the English betting market, another that has been growing in the recent period.

One of the great strengths of 1xBet is in the live betting, that is, the ones that are made throughout the matches. There is also a good variety of streamings of several championships (mainly those that are not transmitted by Bet365) with one advantage: it is free.

Is 1xBet reliable?

One of the main doubts of any beginning gambler about a bookmaker is its reliability. No one wants to put money on a site without being sure it’s a serious platform and respects their customers, is not it? And in this case, the 1xBet is reliable. You can bet on it without problems – and if not, we, from the Betting Club, would not even recommend this house here on our site. In addition, it is worth strengthening, the sponsorship of one of our main football championships only reinforces that it is a serious company.

The site has a security certificate (that blue-green symbol next to the URL, just click there to better understand how it works), and ensure all the privacy of your personal and financial data. Finally, it is a site with rare restrictions from countries around the globe.

Our analysis of 1xBet

Now that we have presented a little bit of 1xBet, we will then enter into the analysis of the items you saw there at the beginning of our review. Just to reinforce, the items you will see below are these from here:

  • Navigation
  • Interface
  • Bonus and promotions
  • Payment methods
  • Sports Coverage
  • Markets Offered
  • Odds (quotes)
  • Customer support

Remembering that you do not need to read everyone. Each item will have a subtitle identifying the analysis so that you focus on what you understand as most important, beauty?

Understanding 1xBet navigation

If you are already accustomed to using bookmakers, you will not have much trouble understanding the navigation of 1xBet. The layout used by the platform, after all, is very similar to its main competitors. It is worth remembering that the site also has a mobile version, making it easier for those who like to use the cell phone to bet. Let us then go through some aspects of navigation from now on.

The 1xBet menus

First, on the home page, we have two main menus. The first one, horizontally, has quick access to the various areas of the site (sports, casino, games, poker, etc.). You will have no difficulty in using this area that is used by almost all sites (not just betting).

Above this horizontal menu, you will find important buttons like bonus, registration and deposit. The organization of these icons is a bit messy and not as clear as on other platforms, although it is not something that bothers so much after you locate the functions.

The second main menu, located on the left, brings the list of sports and championships available for betting. If the variety is a good point (we’ll see later on), browsing this menu is not the best for those looking for specific games. In this respect, the organization could be better, without doubt.

The main screen of the 1xBet

Thinking about the main screen, most presents several games and championships for you to bet. The visual is not the most intuitive, especially for beginners. The upside is that the blue color, predominant in the site mixed with gray, is pleasant to look at.

Another point is the banner located at the top of the page with promotions. If on the one hand it tackles cool opportunities, on the other hand it takes up part of the screen and the exchange of images can bother the look a little. At least the banner does not scroll down to the scroll bar, so it does not get in the way all the time.

Navigation during a football game

The most “boring” part of a novice user’s browsing is understanding the layout of a betting site and locating a match. After choosing your game, the navigation is very interesting, starting with the availability of several markets. In this screen, unlike the home page, the betting presentation is much better and intuitive. You can also choose to have the layout of the markets one, two or three columns highly customizable.

At the top of a football game screen, some special features can help with sports betting. The 1xBet features a radar that indicates what happens in the game with a slight delay. Next, match statistics containing, among other information, dangerous attacks and goal kicks. Other details such as climate and humidity are also present. You can still see the team odds move, watch the game via streaming (when available) or access more specific statistics of the clash in a click. It is, therefore, a very interesting panel for the bettor.

1xBet Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions are among the strengths of 1xBet. There is a specific page (you can access by clicking on “Promo” in the top menu top) with all the special opportunities that the site offers its users. Special events usually receive special promotions as well. Always be aware of these opportunities.

Oh, of course, 1xBet also offers a special welcome bonus for new followers. And this bonus is one of the most interesting on the market, doubling your first deposit up to $ 500. That is, you can start with the folded bank and make a risk-free be. Check it out: if you prefer, we have an exclusive article on using the 1xBet bonus on a virtually risk-free bet, making up to R $ 439.43.

Take and deposit on 1xBet

1xBet offers a good variety of methods for withdrawing and depositing within your platform. A differential of 1xBet is accepting until Bitcoin as payment method. An important point to know: to withdraw the deposited money, you must use the same deposit method, okay?

The main options currently available are as follows:

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card
  • Bitcoin
  • Astropay
  • Entropy

Sports offered to bet

Another very positive aspect of 1xBet is the variety of sports offered to bet. Perhaps only Bet365, one of the main references in this respect, works with so many options. There are several championships that many bookmakers do not even cover.

Among the sports offered for betting, you will find options known as football, horse racing or tennis, but also other good alternatives such as crossfit, ski jump and streetball. The E-Sports (electronic games), which have been gaining a lot of space between bettors, also make their presence within the 1xBet.

The markets available on 1xBet

As well as the wide variety of sports, the 1xBet also capricha in the markets available to bet. Thinking about football (which, after all, is the most sought after sport in our country), most markets are present as the winner of the match (1 × 2), double chance, goal market and Asian Handicap. Some more alternative ones, like cards and penalties, also appear.

This feature extends to other sports. Even those less popular feature variety beyond the winner of the event. It’s worth taking a look if you’re one of those who enjoy alternative sports.

Odds and odds for 1xBet

Quotes from 1xBet are quite competitive. Compared to Bet365, for example, many matches have better odds. It’s still a bit lower than Betfair, but it’s still a very attractive platform for the beginning gambler.

Customer support

1xBet offers customer support in different languages, which is not exactly an advantage considering that most bookmakers also do. The translation, moreover, leaves something to be desired within the site, including banners in English. Unlike its competitors, there is no online chat in real time, which is a negative thing.

The ways available by 1xBet for the support are telephone (international connection), email and the message box, where you explain your doubt and receive the answer in the email that you indicate when filling out the form.

Did you get your doubts? Do you agree or disagree with what we write? For all these questions, you can leave your opinion in the comments and contribute to help other users get an even better picture of this house. And of course, if you do not already have a 1xBet account, it’s our invitation to create yours and enjoy the bonus of up to $ 500 offered to new users of the platform. Enjoy!


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