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League of Legends is available for download and play online on Windows and Mac. MOBA, also called LoL, has a dedicated server for UK, with interface and dubbing in English. As the game is free, to start playing just download, create account and log in. Before that, however, you need to check the minimum requirements to run the game on your computer.

LoL is a complex game that changes every game, since it has a large variety of characters (champions), skins, item builds and runes. In addition, every week there is a rotation that offers 10 free champions to be tested until the next rotation.

It is possible to play with these champions to get Blue Essence – the old Influence Points (IP), virtual currency gained from each game played – and buy new champions permanently. The process of obtaining Essence can be time consuming, and you can choose to spend money in real life to purchase RP – Riot Points – which can be exchanged for skins and other dolls.

By competing in ranged mode, users can climb from links, through categories such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Challenger. Depending on the link the player reaches, he gets different edges to the game loading screen.

In addition, League of Legends is not only limited to the game, since it has become an increasingly popular sport, including in UK. Watching streams of professional players or championships – like CBLoL – is part of the gaming experience. Among the highlights of our country scenario are BrTT and Kami athletes, as well as teams such as Flamengo, paiN Gaming, KaBuM! and Vivo Keyd.

Game Modes

LoL has a good variety of game modes that change according to the match map. The Summoner’s Rift is the main one. More strategically, it consists of the duel between two teams of five players to dominate the opposing base and destroy the enemy Nexus – a kind of “heart” of the team. There is also Twisted Treeline, which has the same goal as Summoner’s Rift, but has only three players in each team in shorter matches.

In ARAM mode, which means All Random, All Mid, two teams of five players control random characters and face each other in a single route, and the goal is also to destroy the opposing base. Dominion mode, however, presents a completely different proposition, and consists of controlling some areas of the map to acquire points. To win, the team needs to accumulate enough points to destroy the enemy Nexus. There is also the possibility to watch games of friends.

More than 120 character options

The player is in charge of controlling a champion in all game modes. There are more than 120 characters in total, like Kayn, Zoe, Kalista, Teemo and Katarina, all with different advantages and disadvantages. New characters are added constantly, and each champion is thought of with unique abilities that differentiate it from the others, which generates several counters (ability to annul other champions) between them.

In addition, they have well-developed stories and relationships: although the focus of the game is purely gameplay, it is interesting to know that Garen and Lux are brothers or that the ninja Shen and Zed vie to know who is the strongest, for example.

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The game undergoes frequent changes, ranging from the launch of new game modes to the balancing and addition of new champions. This keeps MOBA dynamic and keeps the experience from becoming repetitive. There is also the possibility of playing on the PBE – Player Beta Environment – server, and it is possible to test all the changes before they are aired on the official server.

Competitive scenario

League of Legends has a very well-developed competitive landscape. Each region has its own league specific regulations and well organized teams. Athletes’ training routines are intense, but the support they receive from their organizations and sponsorships has grown tremendously and helped to make the profession a bit more stable. Championships are attended by thousands of people and champions teams receive cash prizes.

In other countries the scene has grown a lot, and the NG Gaming team managed to reach the World Cup and made a great campaign against the best teams in the world. In addition, even football clubs, such as Flamengo, entered the segment, betting on lineups with respected players on the stage, such as Felipe “brTT” Gonçalves and ThĂșlio “SirT” Carlos.