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GG Bet Review

We often play online betting is the youngest of the galley. After all, it is one of the newest betting sites available in UK. However, working since the end of 2011 with a simple and pleasant layout, thinking precisely the beginner, today the GG bet has attracted many users who seek to uncomplicate when making their 1st bet.

Do you want to bet on GG Bet? So follow our full review to see if this is the best option for you to deposit and start giving your guess!

How to bet on GG Bet ?

Unlike most gambling sites that operate in UK, GG Bet was created specifically for the British market, while the other bookmakers took the successful model that worked in the countries of Europe and applied here. Therefore, the GG group had to start from scratch! But we can say that they got it right, and did a good job of “homework”: they created a simple, intuitive website with a very friendly layout. See that the site works with a cleaner design, using in a very interesting way stronger colors that mix flat design with some minimalist concepts, but without giving the necessary highlight to the main games that scroll through the site, as we can notice in the main “carrousel” that runs the games that attract the most pitacos, and the other carousel that shows secondary games but that still attract some hunches.

By clicking on our banner and accessing the site, you can register by clicking the “Register” button. Once you have done this, simply fill out the form and then confirm your subscription by clicking on the email you will receive at the same time. That is, depending on the deposit method you choose, you can sign up and be ready to bet in less than 10 minutes.

But, let’s not put the “cart in front of the oxen”! Before we talk about payment methods, let’s answer one of the main questions that any bettor makes before entrusting his or her money to a betting site:

Is Online Betting Trusted?

GG Bet  is a reliable and nice betting site. When a betting site is new, or you do not enjoy a brand as consolidated as the giants of the world market of gambling, as is the case of GG Bet, of course someone will ask if it really is worth It’s worth to bet there. And our answer to that question is: yes, GG Bet is reliable, and you can deposit it there quietly. The Betting Club has worked in a very nice partnership with this site since 2012, having a direct channel to talk to them. And of the very few problems that arose in those times, all were solved with great tranquility and transparency.

So, if you needed an endorsement to create your account in the GG, know that we have already signed below and we trust the good work that they have been doing in recent years.

Our analysis of GG Bet

As you already know, our research indicates that these are the attributes most valued by the British bettor when it comes to choosing a betting site:

  • Navigation
  • Interface
  • Bonus and promotions
  • Payment methods
  • Sports Coverage
  • Markets Offered
  • Odds
  • Customer support

Of course some factors are more important than others, see that it is much more important to offer good deals than to have all the coverage of “Singapore B Series”! Or, having supportive support will be infinitely better than offering bets for more than 4.5 goals in the “Azerbaijani Cup”. But we analyze it thoroughly and try to be very unbiased in our diagnosis. See if you agree:

GG Bet navigation is super simple to gamble

As most who access our site already know, I am suspect to comment on GG Bet! After all, we’ve been working together since 2012, where we’ve made some pretty cool improvements, despite being aware that we still need to implement a lot. Today, we have one of the best betting sites in Latin America in terms of layout and navigation. The carousel inserted in the main page highlights the main games and events that will happen in the coming days, while the lower carousel shows other games that are moving a larger number of bets and that may also interest the bettors.

However, not everything is a sea of ​​roses, the site still presents some slowness when loading new markets or when selecting the bet for the book of bets. Another feature that is missing is a search bar to make it easier to find a particular game that might be a little more difficult to find by navigating the menus.

Speaking of the menus, these have been optimized according to the volume of betting made by most of the bettors, so you will see that football occupies a prominent place, followed by basketball, tennis and formula 1. Inside the football menu, we have the same logic for the countries and their respective championships.

Therefore, there is in the GG BET a concern with a friendly navigation, especially when considering the focus of the site: the British bettor. We must remember that only a very small part of our population already bets, and making this 1st contact more enjoyable is essential.

Online Bets and Promotions

When reviewing the bonus, we can not look exclusively at the value offered. After all, it’s no use offering a bonus of 200% up to $ 10,000 with a rollover of 50x the value of the bonus + the value of the deposit. We need to see if we have an attractive bonus with fair rollover conditions. Recently, the websites have made this issue quite difficult. Unfortunately the abuse by the bonuses, mainly by the English, has made that the sites think twice to offer very advantageous conditions for the bettor.

But today, GG Bet  is among the best bonuses available, especially if you are from UK, as the rollover conditions are quieter. See the main ones:

1st free bet up to $ 100

When making your first bet and not giving much luck in this guess, GG Bet returns you the same amount as a freebet bonus, ie: make your 1st bet, if you make a mistake, you will receive a free-bet! The maximum value they return is $ 100 (or equivalent in Euros and Dollars), and the rollover is only 3x the value of the deposit + the amount wagered. To qualify for the bonus, simply email them if you have lost your first bet.

$ 100 bonus to bet on mobile

This is another very good bonus and worth taking advantage of. When you make your first bet on the cell phone, the GG returns you 50% of that value as free bet up to the value of $ 100. As with the previous bonus, the deposit amount + the bonus amount must be wagered 3x in total before requesting a draw.

It may seem like little, but nowadays there are not many sites that offer this treat to the bettor. In the 1st bonus range, for example, the site gives up about 20% of its profits to give this value as a return to the player. For those who play Poker, this would be very similar to the cashback that is practiced by some of the most famous poker rooms.

Deposits and withdrawals

Since pocket is always “the most sensitive part of the human body,”  GG Bet decided not to play with it. The same company that provides payment services to Betboo, Sportingbet, FantasticWin, Bet9, and others, the GG decided to use as well. Therefore, the site offers the main forms of payment that a bettor might need to depose and withdraw, such as:

  • Ticket
  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card (using Entropay as an intermediary)
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Entropy
  • Astropay

Attempts were made to deposit with Paypal, as it would be a great competitive advantage to have one of the main methods of payments in UK, but unfortunately the company is not able to work with any company in the field of Gambling. In any case, you may notice that you will have no problem both to deposit and to withdraw in GG Bet.

Sports offered to bet

All sports and events available through the GG are provided by the platform they use, which is offered by Offside. Being very sincere in this regard, today most gambling sites offer much more sports than an average gambler could gamble. If you access the Online Betting, you can see offers in cricket, darts, golf and even chess. They are bets that are rarely made but are still offered because the cost of being able to offer them is very low, compensating the benefit in making them available, even if it only serves the user to say: “Wow, how many sports do they offer!”, still worth it! If you are in the European standard betting group, you will find all the sports you would like to bet on.

The markets

The Betting Online offers the most bet and demanded markets for its users, as well as a small variety that goes beyond. There are many opportunities for improvement in this area, such as:

  • Bets on cards, both yellow and red;
  • Bets on numbers of corners;
  • Scorecast, which is a combination of who will score a goal and the final score of the match;
  • Ball possession;
  • Impediments;
  • It would really be great if you had that huge variety of markets available to wager on. But considering that the focus of the site is on “1st trip sailors,” too many bets and too many markets could confuse the user’s head slightly. Overall, I believe the markets offered are quite satisfactory.

Odds of online betting

The betting site has odds above average. Today it is undisputed that the best odds on betting sites are offered by Bet365, by Betfair, or by Pinnacle Sports – a site still little known among most English bettors; but considering sites like Betmotion, Betboo and Sportingbet, the GG Bet has, in most of its events, quotas higher than the others. Not least, we can find on the internet, whether in comments in forums, betting communities or in groups of Facebook, praise on the odds that they make available.

Remember that choosing sites with good odds means a clear trend of higher profit in the long run. So if you’re looking for good odds but you do not want to mess with Betfair or Bet365 because of its complexity, you’ll probably be well served with Online Bets.

Betting support

The support of the GG is very efficient and experienced in its processes, all the requests are resolved in a maximum of 24 hours, counting both the service by email, live chat, twitter and facebook. Who is ahead of the support by email and live chat are English, who are very good of services and quite objective in resolving the demands that arise. However, such “European coldness” bothers users who sometimes need only a “friendly word” to calm them down, not a protocol-based service, rigid and plastered. This type of problem is very much observed when there are delays in payments for some reason. Remember what you said: “The pocket is the most sensitive part of the human body.”, It is enough that a service or deposit is delayed for a few minutes so that the blood soon boils and the client runs to all known and unknown social networks to curse the bookmaker in question. A more personal and less robotic service is able to calm and reassure the British bettor. And this is a clear opportunity for improvement for GG Bet!


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