10 things about League of Legends that anyone who has ever played needs to know

It may seem complicated, but League of Legends is easier and friendlier than you think. League of Legends is an online game dedicated to combat and base invasion, where players take command of champions, powerful characters and with varied abilities. Available for Windows and Mac, the game is free and can be played by anyone who has a compatible computer. In addition, it has several facilities for those starting out, and some “secrets” that make the whole experience even easier. Meet 10 things about LoL that you need to know before you start playing.

Do not worry about having a favorite

The champions of League of Legends are already almost 150. There are numerous characters, so do not worry about trying to find one that is good for your game right from the start. It will take you time to adjust and make a decision – and that’s okay with it. Know that each hero has a unique function, among them “shooter”, “assassin”, “support”, “jungle”, etc. The game teaches you the basics of this, but keep in mind that the “jungle” position is the most difficult to learn and master, so do not worry so much about it in principle.

You do not have to spend anything to play

It’s true: League of Legends is a 100% free game. It is also true that it has interesting tools to spend your money, such as skins – visuals and additional characters, which are obtained in the purchase with real money. However, none of this is necessary to play. It is possible to receive free champions and also with a kind of “virtual money” obtained during the matches, as you play.

No need to be a pro to have fun

League of Legends is packed with professional, skillful players, but you do not have to be one of them to have fun. The word “fun” is taken very seriously inside the game and Riot Games guarantees that everyone, whether beginners or veterans, take advantage of their matches properly. Do not feel obligated to play well if you still do not know, enjoy the best and learn slowly.


If you buy anything inside the game and beat regret, there is a refund. League of Legends has an interesting system of reimbursement for seasons, which allows you to recover points spent on a certain character, for example. It is not possible to abuse the system, however, since it has limitations, but it is always a good way to circumvent decisions that may have been wrong.

You can only play with friends

Are you worried about people you didn’t know at the beginning because it was not very good? Do not worry: League of Legends lets you play with friends only. The game supports a list of known players, and you can create matches with only known people, reducing the possibility of problems.


Even if you do not play with friends, you can avoid problems suffered within matches. The game has a good system of denunciations, which are always evaluated by Riot Games and can result in banishments of players who have failed to comply with rules or have failed with respect. League of Legends usually has one of the most accessible complaint systems among the most popular online games, with the option to make the claim as soon as the match is over.

Online tournaments

It’s a good idea to keep track of online tournaments. Although you have no obligation to be a professional, you can learn from them. Several tournaments are broadcast live, including those that are official Riot Games, from all over the world. Each move is a different learning experience that can add a lot to your playing style.


There is a specific game mode called ARAM – “All Random, All Mid,” or “all random, all in the middle.” This is a League of Legends mode that does not allow you to choose the champion you are going to play. It is very important to play ARAM whenever possible because it is a modality that forces you to adapt to a new character, improving your skills.

What do you need to run the game?

League of Legends has very simple minimum requirements as it is a game made to be lightweight. He demands it. Check out the basic requirements and learn how to set up the game on your computer. Once installed, just open and start the game.