Pinnacle is one of the favorite homes of professional gamblers – and it’s no coincidence. The odds offered by the home are really competitive, often outpacing their top competitors in the market. You can even test yourself by comparing quotes from different games.

Is Pinnacle reliable?

One of the main doubts we have about bookmakers we recommend is in relation to their reliability. A key aspect is regulation, something you’ll find at Pinnacle. It is regulated and monitored, as well as so many safe options in the market.

In addition, the site is concerned with other important issues such as the security of your data, payment in advance and respect for bettors – unlike other bookmakers, winning and profitable players are welcome. So stay calm. Pinnacle is a reliable bookmaker and you can use it without any fear.

Full analysis on Pinnacle

Now you already know a little bit about Pinnacle. Just reinforcing, the items we will evaluate from now on will be as follows:

  • Navigation
  • Interface
  • Bonus and promotions
  • Payment methods
  • Sports Coverage
  • Markets Offered
  • Odds (quotes)
  • Customer support
  • Create your Pinnacle account

Pinnacle is one of the bettors’ favorite bookmakers. In addition to having the best odds on the market, it still has no limits for its users. Use the button below to create your account.

Create an account at Pinnacle

  • 1. Pinnacle navigation

Like other gambling sites, Pinnacle is not exactly a marvel in terms of speed and loading. However, the delay in opening a game or a page is not something that will irritate you or make you want to play your computer on the wall.

The navigation between sports and championships, on the other hand, is a strong point of the platform. It is easy to change the mode or even the championship using the orange bar just below the logo. In other bookmakers, the way is usually more annoying and requires you to return to the previous pages.

  • 2. The Pinnacle interface options

Site layout is very similar to other well-known betting platforms. That is, we are talking about a central area with highlights, a list of sports on the left side and, at the top, links to direct areas. Because of his professional focus, the visual part was not a priority for Pinnacle, and in classic mode, the format is far from the most attractive. However, the Beta version has a nice and modern layout. In addition, you have two more viewing options: Asian and Futura. Ideally, you should test each one and use the one that best fits your platform usage. This is definitely not what will influence your results as a bettor.

  • 3. Bonus and promotions

If you are one of those who likes to take advantage of promotions and bonuses offered by bookmakers, this is a point that Pinnacle might end up disappointing you a little. Or did you think that this review would just be about compliments and positives?

Pinnacle pretty much does not work with promotions and bonuses for its users. As we have already mentioned, it is a professional house and bases its marketing on two aspects that we have already mentioned: competitive odds and the acceptance of profitable bettors. The truth is that recreational bookmakers create their bonuses as a way of attracting new users, and Pinnacle somehow believes they can do so without using such an initiative. If it is something that you consider essential, you can take a look at our list of houses with bonuses. Of course, for the professional gambler, thinking about making money with bets, these bonuses are not very important. However, it is an aspect that could be improved by the platform.

  • 4. Good variety in payment methods

If Pinnacle ends up lacking in special promotions and actions, the same can not be said of its methods of payment. In general, the main forms of transfer are present on the site. Are they:

  • Navigation
  • Interface
  • Bonus and promotions
  • Payment methods
  • Sports Coverage
  • Markets Offered
  • Odds (quotes)
  • Customer support.

If Pinnacle ends up lacking in special promotions and actions, the same can not be said of its methods of payment. In general, the main forms of transfer are present on the site. Are they:

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card
  • EcoPayz.
  • 5. Excellent coverage of sports and championships

Sports coverage is one aspect that we can not complain about within Pinnacle. Although England has a culture basically linked to football, we have many followers who like and stand out in other modalities like tennis, basketball, volleyball or American football, for example.

And we do not stop there. The range of options at this bookmaker is very broad, ranging from traditional sports (such as those already listed), to alternative betting (such as entertainment, politics and crossfit) and even to modern eSports. In relation to the competitions, the coverage is also very complete. Of course, the greater the sport’s popularity, the greater the coverage as well. Football, for example, has a good amount of competitions.

Pinnacle, however, can not beat Bet365 in this respect. This second home, by the way, is well known for the coverage of much smaller championships and we do not always find these tournaments on the platform. This is what happens with the state championships in UK. For those who like alternative competitions, this can be a problem.

  • 6. The markets available at Pinnacle

Regarding the markets to bet, again we have an important point of difference between a professional bookmaker and its recreational competitors. The focus is on presenting competitive odds.

What do we mean by that? That the number of markets of Pinnacle is very small when compared with 188Bet or Bet365 itself.  For those who use the traditional markets in their bets, this will be no problem. Match Odds, Over / Under, Correct Score and Handicap, for example, are present in the vast majority of sporting events.

  • 7. The best odds on the market are at Pinnacle

If alternative markets are not at Pinnacle, there is a reason for this: the platform focuses its energy on presenting the best odds on the market. And you can compare yourself with the other houses that we recommend. In the vast majority of cases, the best quotes will be here.

And what’s the impact of that? If odds are better, it means you will make more money for the same event. And that makes all the difference to the long term bettor.

Just to give an example, assume that the same bet has odds of 1.90 on Bet365 and 2.00 on Pinnacle. A hit on Pinnacle would end up paying 10% more for the same event and at the same risk. Adding these differences over time, the gains become more consistent. That is why, therefore, this bookmaker is preferred by professionals.

  • 8. Customer Support

As far as customer support is concerned, Pinnacle leaves a little to be desired in the variety. You have the traditional contact channel, sending a message and waiting for your response via email. However, the house does not provide the chat in real time.


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