League of Legends is one of the best multiplayer PC games. Find out why! League of Legends is a popular PC game released by Riot Games in 2009. The game has grown and changed a lot since then and has become a worldwide phenomenon with the right to professional tournaments and thousands of players worldwide – including UK.

How to play League of Legends?

League of Legends originates in Warcraft 3, game of the competitor Blizzard. Originally, Warcraft 3 received a map called the Dota, or Defense of the Ancients, in which users disputed on a large map, divided into two teams. The universe grew and, quickly, something alternate came from it. Over time, a company was formed around the idea: the creator of LoL, Riot Games. From there, League of Legends was born to promote fun and competition among real-time strategy game players.

The game differed from others of the same genre thanks to its main mission. Instead of controlling an army as in Starcraft or Age of Empires, the player commands only one character, with unique powers and own evolution system. The rest of the units, like towers or “minions”, were under the command of the PC and aided the team of heroes.

Instead of wasting time to train an entire army, players should be concerned only with one character, but together with other team members. The synchronicity of ideas and tactics are part of the biggest lesson in the title: to learn to play cooperatively in a competitive game.

All this takes place on separate maps, but the main one is called Summoner’s Rift, which is made up of three different paths between the two bases and a larger area, Selva, which is initially hidden on the map. Each character has a key role, and winning is not as easy as it sounds.

Simple technical gameplay

League of Legends is a simple game even after years of evolution. However, at the same time, this is a very technical game. The basic commands involve clicking on the screen with the mouse to move the protagonist and trigger buttons on the keyboard to launch blows, spells and “Ultimate” as they are called the special and final attacks of each character.

The most fun around here is to keep in mind that no character plays the same as the other. Although Draven and Jinx, for example, are of the same class (shooters), the two function extremely differently on the battlefield. There are basic mechanics, such as firing minions to get gold and buying equipment quickly, but the two champions have very different strategies.

While Jinx bets on the ranged attack with any chance of immobilization and reduced movement of the opponent, Draven goes into a much more aggressive and less passive attack than the other shooter. This goes for all the champions, in all positions beyond this: top, jungle, middle and support.

The way you play can also vary according to the map. Summoner’s Rift supports two teams of five players on each side with a single goal. There are modes that are different, like Howling Abyss, with Aram mode, in which the two teams compete on the same route, without jungle and variables. In addition, in this mode, the characters are chosen randomly, not by the players.

There is also have the Twisted Treeline map, with only two routes and a very small jungle, with teams of three players for each side. This, because it is more contained, has its own way of playing and facing, with attacks that tend to be faster, despite the possibility of lasting extra minutes because of common twists.

The least popular map is perhaps Crystal Scar, with Dominion mode, where peasants vie for supremacy on a large circular map. The goal is not to destroy the base of the opponents – the only one that differs from the rest in this sense – but to dominate specific points scattered throughout the scenario. In the end, the team that eliminate more opponents and dominate more territories wins.

League of Legends is a varied game inside of you. Although Summoner’s Rift is by far the map and the most popular mode, especially for being used in official tournaments. This is a game that knows how to please different tastes, even without varying the main of the gameplay, which is the control of the characters in real time at the command of the keyboard and mouse.

But not everything is so simple. To assist the campmen in the justice field, there are still other segments of gameplay, such as the items we mentioned above, and the evolution of the player. First the items: they are mere equipment that are bought in the “store” inside its base, during the matches, that can and should make you much more powerful, with greater damage, with faster attack and faster movement, for example.

Every user of the game starts with the account at level 1. Within the game, the characters also evolve, but the levels obtained in the games for them stay there – next, they start to zero. Whoever evolves, in reality, is the user, with experience gained in the victories or defeats. Riot Games has organized this in a practical way: there are a total of 30 levels to be obtained while playing so-called “normal” games.

The real battle

League of Legends rankings are the source of the true competitive spirit of the game. Users play in the same way, in teams, but with a ranking that defines how good you are in the game. There are six different levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Defiant.

Each of the levels has four others within it. The more victories, the more chance of rising to the next. The more defeats, the more chance of being relegated to an inferior stage. Even the selection of characters changes in these games of LoL: it is no longer free, and it is necessary to combine with team friends about who you should choose or which champion should ban between choosing the opponents.

The level of learning in the rankings is much higher, even for those who start in the Bronze and follow the maximum path. To benefit those who take risks in these games, Riot prepares seasonal rewards, which are skins, champions, banners, and other gifts that vary according to who is presented.

This almost makes League of Legends a “game in-game”. Taking advantage of it while we are at the common levels, from 1 to 30, is simple, fun and competitive to some degree. But in the rankings, everything is taken more seriously, which, fortunately, is rewarded by the producer of the game.

Mutant game

League of Legends did not come up with exactly too much positive visual impact. Ugly, the game had graphics that matched the original Warcraft 3. Fortunately, that has changed over time, and today, the title is completely modified.

Not only were the maps updated, but also old characters, menus, and various screens. LoL is an extremely changeable game. The game you enjoy today will probably be quite different within three years, for example. Everything changes constantly, including the entrance of new game modes and unpublished champions.

Today LoL has about 120 characters, but that number is always growing. It is common to have at least one new character per month, in most cases, to expand the range of options as well as strategic possibilities.

As a constantly online game, the producer has full power over production. A champion can become weaker or stronger, according to the return of the community or with tests promoted internally by the company itself. League of Legends does not hide the identity of mutant game, and so is currently so dear.

The monetization system of the game is also always smart. Everything that has been cited in this review so far is available to players for free. It is possible to play and even buy characters without spending anything. There are two coins in LoL: Riot Points and Influence Points. The first is obtained only with real money and allows to buy everything from the game, and even skins. Already the second can be achieved in each match and buys almost everything except skins and other minor details.

What about all this available in UK, with national servers, and characters dubbed? League of Legends has one of the best national dubbing ever made in games and brings in the cast several famous names in its more than 100 characters.


It is true that League of Legends is not the most original game in the world. But it is safe to say that it does very well what it proposes, with many benefits to the fans, in addition to having a very high replay factor. It is difficult to leave after the first match, and the competitiveness between teams is very well built. Over the years, just like wine, the game got even better. Therefore, it is not surprising that the title is one of the most played.